South Africa’s renewables industry growth is fastest in the world

As the countdown to South Africa’s largest wind energy conference, Windaba, begins, the industry welcomes the news that in 2015 the country had the world’s fastest growing green economy. Moody’s Corporation’s report shows the highest growth year-on-year globally for asset finance at 300%, totalling $4.5 billion (ZAR 63 billion) in 2015.

In another industry affirming move this week, President Jacob Zuma clarified the government’s position on the Independent Power Producer’s Programme, insisting nothing has changed with its policy.

Zuma stated: “The Presidency wishes to clarify that all the Independent Power Producer Programmes, namely renewable energy, coal and gas and any other determinations made by the Minister of Energy are and remain government policy and are supported by the Presidency.”

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Government reiterates commitment to wind energy at leading conference

In a show of solidarity towards the industry, the Government’s Independent Power Producer’s (IPP)Office will, for the second year running, endorse Windaba: South Africa’s largest wind energy conference.

Encouraging industry to continue its investment in the country’s renewable energy boom, the IPP Office’s presence and participation evidences that the renewables sector continues apace. The Government remains fully committed to its success, despite Eskom placing doubt over its ongoing commitment to Power Purchase Agreements (buying the energy renewable energy developments generate).

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GLOBAL WIND DAY 2016 - South Africa celebrates Global Wind Day with short film showcasing 8 amazing facts about wind energy

On the eighth anniversary of Global Wind Day (15 June), a worldwide celebration of all things related to wind energy, South Africa’s industry is flying high, with an extremely successful story of eight to more than 500 turbines in four years – with many hundreds more in the pipeline.
In a short film released in celebration of Global Wind Day, South African Wind Energy Association’s has highlighted some of the reasons the industry has to highlight its success:

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Leading wind energy conference, Windaba, announces 2016 dates

South Africa’s principal annual wind energy conference, Windaba, will take place on 2 and 3 November 2016 at Cape Town’s International Convention Centre (CTICC). A wind energy related activity day will be held on the 4th.

The theme for the conference, which attracts delegates and exhibitors from all over the globe, will be ‘Towards 100% Renewables’ and will focus on how to achieve this goal.

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