SAWEA is the not-for- profit, industry organisation representing the wind industry in South Africa. Our members include both national and international entities active in the entire wind energy supply chain.

CEO Blog

by Brenda Martin

Brenda is an energy policy and planning practitioner. She has worked as an implementer of small-scale renewable energy projects, a researcher on issues of electricity planning (particularly as these relate to renewable energy and nuclear power) and a facilitator of transition process. She is interested in South Africa’s continued socio-political energy transition toward a larger share of renewable power supply and the realisation of opportunities for both energy security and socio-economic growth within this.


Policy & Legislation

The Policy and Legislation Working Group stems from the merger of two working groups that have been active since the formation of SAWEA, albeit as small teams of people intervening in various policy and strategy debates to represent the interests of the wind industry. For example the members of the Working Group have participated in the following:

  • Negotiation of the Green Economy Accord
  • Formulation of the National Development Diagnostic and the National Development Plan
  • Served on the Advisory Panel to the Western Cape Government Ministers of Economic Development and Tourism, and Environment and Development
  • Presented at various industry discussion fora including the Mandela Bay Business Chamber on local opportunities in the wind sector; Rural Economic Development Initiative (Eastern Cape) on impacts and opportunities for the Eastern Cape wind development programmes/projects
  • Shaped local content discussion and work with CEO to coordinate industry response to local content targets and DTI strategy
  • Skills Development assessment workshops for the wind sector with GIZ, DST and DTI
  • Participated in the ISMO Bill hearings
  • Played an active role in the team that formulated the new SA Renewable Energy Council
  • Secured opportunities for SAWEA, via SAREC to present on the REIPPPP to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee.

Goals & Priorities

Engage with key Government, NGO, civil society and business stakeholders on matters of policy development, legislation & regulation in order to promote the transition to a low carbon economy & to create a sustainable wind energy industry in SA.

Represent the interests of the industry in fora & processes that may influence the growth & development of the wind energy industry in particular & the renewables sector in general.

Engage Government on the design & implementation of the REIPPPP to ensure fair & sustainable outcomes.

Contribute to the debates on electricity sector restructuring via the ISMO Bill, the Electricity Regulation Act Second Amendment Bill & related reforms.

Secure Government commitment to further rounds of procurement under the REIPPPP or similar programmes.

Participate in the review of the National Development Plan, particularly the promotion of a Low Carbon Economy.

Shape & participate in the Integrated Energy Plan for SA.

Assist Government on localisation policies & targets for local content for the wind sector.

Below you will find a list of discussions pertaining to the Policy & Legislation working group. (Restricted to Group Members only)

Public Relations

Goals & Priorities

The purpose of the SAWEA PR Working Group is to raise SAWEA's profile and credibility, give the industry a voice and build a favourable public image for the wind energy industry.

Position SAWEA as the single, sober, informed, credible voice of the industry and an essential commentator in the renewables sector.

Identify and counter real and potential threats to the industry from conventional or renewable competitors, denialists and NIMBYs.

Pro-actively manage perceptions of wind energy as reliable, affordable, practical and efficient, offering environmental and social development benefits.

Below you will find a list of discussions pertaining to the Policy & Legislation working group. (Restricted to Group Members only)


The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) has launched an #iheartwind campaign, celebrating people’s love for wind energy across South Africa.

The campaign is based on the international hashtag #iheartwind which encourages people from around the globe to participate.

Please join our South African campaign using these 5 easy steps:

  1. Print the #iheartwind poster here
  2. Write why you love wind power
  3. Take a photo of yourself with the sign - (you can even get creative and take your photo in front of a wind farm, or with the child that you hope to protect from pollution)
  4. Post it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #iheartwind and @_sawea
  5. Upload it by using the form below.

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