ENERCON products are known for their innovative technology, outstanding reliability and excellent returns on investment, worldwide. With its tried and tested drive system, constant technological sophistication and high quality standards, the company has been setting benchmarks in the wind energy industry for over 30 years now.

The product portfolio comprises wind turbines with outputs from 800 to 7,500 kilowatts. Our newest models are the E-141 EP4/4.2 MW and E-103 EP2/2.35 MW with rotors diameter of 141 metres and 103 metres respectively. These models are specifically designed for lower wind sites in order to maximise return on investment. The new turbine design is an outstanding product. Not only does it feature highest quality standards but also maximum efficiency, lower sound emission and reduced project realisation time through optimised production, logistics and installation processes. With regard to quality and cost-effectiveness, ENERCON is providing its customers with a highly sophisticated machine designed to make the fullest use of onshore sites and sites further inland. All ENERCON models boast reliable technology, low maintenance requirements and a long service life, thereby guaranteeing a high level of profitability for customers.



Allan Palmer
+27 21 831 9700
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
Wind-Energy ENERCON South Africa (Pty) Ltd
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