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by Brenda Martin

Brenda is an energy policy and planning practitioner. She has worked as an implementer of small-scale renewable energy projects, a researcher on issues of electricity planning (particularly as these relate to renewable energy and nuclear power) and a facilitator of transition process. She is interested in South Africa’s continued socio-political energy transition toward a larger share of renewable power supply and the realisation of opportunities for both energy security and socio-economic growth within this.

The search for the Holy Grail:

Getting community development right

South Africa, abundantly rich in resources and challenges, waits for her future to be defined. The potentialities and possibilities seem endless, the list of seemingly intractable challenges equally unbounded.

On a global scale, the world community is trying to catch, stop and reverse the runaway car of catastrophic environmental change as, handbrake lacking, it slowly yet inexorably rolls down a gentle incline towards a precipitous hill.

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Wind and Socio-Economic Development in SA

Part of the Best-News Climate Story Happening Anywhere.

A recent attendance at the American Wind Energy Association’s annual convention and related meetings have cast an interesting and illuminating international light on renewable energy in South Africa.

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Localisation, Jobs & Industrialisation

Expanding the SA wind industry’s horizons.

From the agreement of the Green Economy Accord in 2011, the Renewable Energy community has been partnering the South African Government in a concerted effort to ensure that the new infrastructure sectors that arise would do more than deliver green electricity – that they would also assist government...

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The IRP Revisited

Acknowledging our new reality in Energy Planning

Last month (November) saw publication of the long-awaited update of the Integrated Resource Plan for comment. The plan is the twenty year energy blueprint for South Africa. Practically it seems to guide ministerial determinations on the procurement of energy and determines broadly the energy mix of the country for the long term. It is therefore an important document for the wind industry...

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Wind Power Success

An Island In Stormy Seas

South Africa’s first wind farms have started to export green electricity into the grid during the final commisioning phase before reaching full commercial operation. It is now abundantly clear that the REIPPPP procurement process has been a resounding success. The wind farms are being built on time and on budget and they carry no risk to the ratepayer of cost over runs or delays – these risks are shouldered by the Independent Power Producer. There are...

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Windaba 2013

"Expanding Horizons"

Windaba 2013 takes place from 25 – 27 September in Cape Town and will reflect the significant expansion of our industry and its ambitions.

With REIPPPP Round 1 wind projects nearing completion, Round 2 going into construction and Round 3 closing soon, the wind industry in full execution mode and well on its way to becoming a significant infrastructure sector in South Africa. The financial value of Round 1 and 2 projects reaches into tens of billions of rands and the value chain that once started off with consisting only of an intrepid developer now stretches upstream and downstream to turbine and blade manufacturers, tower manufacturers, EPC providers, logistics providers, environmental impact practitioners, lawyers, financiers, owner’s engineers, project managers, and a host of other experts. Enterprise development plans and socio economic development initiatives are underway for each project and initial steps are being taken towards coordinating the industry’s efforts in this regard. 

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